Federal Internship Students Reflect and Anticipate Summer 2017 Part 4

Federal Internship Students Reflect and Anticipate Summer 2017 Part 3
June 5, 2017
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June 19, 2017
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Federal Internship Students Reflect and Anticipate Summer 2017 Part 4

Fayetteville State University students write:

“I will be traveling on June 10th in time to relax before my formal arrival on June 12th. I have had weekly communications with my federal intern agency. I have also kept close contact with Dr. Ferguson for positive reinforcement. I have never done anything as important before as it relates to my studies at FSU. I am ready!” – Lantia Bundy, Criminal Justice Major

“Communicating with top organizations (Sandia Labs and FBI Data Forensic Analysis Unit). Working on future interactions for my peers at Fayetteville State University. Having fun learning so much about MALWARE.” – Samantha Halam, Computer Science/Computer Engineering Major, Summer Research Intern

“So, my time at Johnson Space Center (JSC) has been going well. We got our development environments set up, went on tours, met with our contacts at Lockheed Martin (our customer) and are well into doing our work. We are required to submit 5 pictures to the JSC education office of either social or professional times we had at JSC this summer. So I have already taken some pictures but will send them (more than 5) to you in four or more weeks. The culture is different from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and I welcome it. I will be sharing potentially very good news in about week!” – Michael Backus, Computer Science Major, Intern, NASA Johnson Space Center

“So far I am enjoying myself on this internship. The staff is very nice and extremely helpful. So far I am doing a lot of work with computer networks and building topologies with OpenFlow on software called Mininet. I will have to write a report and do a presentation at the end of my internship.” Natasha Law, Computer Science Major, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

“Arriving at my internship at ORNL was surprisingly very organized for such a large group of first time interns. The staff were very efficient in getting everyone processed and to where they needed to be. I met with several of the SULI program workers that had previously been my email correspondents. There was a picnic to meet and greet that was a lot of fun, and helped to break the ice. The first 3 days of schedules were filled with required training. Thursday was my intern groups first official day in the lab. Our mentor, Carter Abney, showed us around the labs, and aided us in creating our first MOF sample. Carter then trained us on various instrumentation that we will most likely be utilizing during our sample analyses step. This week has been off to an amazing start, and I am extremely excited to see what next week holds.” Laura Lynn Lovell, Chemical Engineering/Chemistry Major, SULI Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN

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