Federal Internship Students Reflect and Anticipate Summer 2017 Part 5

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Federal Internship Students Reflect and Anticipate Summer 2017 Part 5

“Today begins week 4 of my summer internship. I have met a lot of people that have motivated me to further my education. Before coming here I was on the fence about whether or not I wanted to go to graduate school, but after working with my mentor and others in ARL, I noticed that they all have one thing in common: they all have either their PhD or Master’s degrees. I was speaking with a PhD intern earlier this morning about his journey thus far in our career field. He used to work for Google, how fascinating! Though he landed the job at Google with his undergraduate in CS, his advice to me was to further my education. It is definitely possible to find employment in our career field with a BS in Computer Science, but in order to separate yourself from your peers and do the type of work that will truly push and challenge you, getting my master’s degree now rather than later would be best. So after work every day I dive into my GRE practice book to better prepare myself for the exam.” Natasha Law, Computer Science Major, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

“My Fourth of July event was great! The weekend was fun but I also got to spend time and fly at the Johnson Space Center Radio Control Club. A full set of pictures of my adventures will be shared with CDHS (via email) before my internship ends. Hoping to have BIG news for FSU and CDHS soon!” Michael Backus, Computer Science Major, NASA’s Johnson Space Center, TX

“Next week will be my last week at the internship. I currently have to prepare for a group oral presentation, group poster for a symposium, and a group written final report all due next Friday. I have also been helping students from Norfolk in learning or getting to know coding and its purposes. I am still trying my best and have not missed a day at work! I will tell you my total internship experience after next week when everything is finally completed.” Samantha Halam, CS/ENG Major, Nofolk State University “Cyber School of Excellence”

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