Emergency Management

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Response and Recovery

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Training offered in the following areas.

Emergency Management Academy is a 40 hour- 5 class- emergency management fundamental course for Emergency Management, Homeland Security professionals, Public Health Preparedness, students, and other disciplines to obtain a standardized fundamental training regardless of specific discipline. This can allow students, new and experienced professionals to conduct hands on research and build networking appropriate opportunities. This academy facilitates the ability to solve emergency management problems within each student’s own discipline.

The 40 hour course involves these five 8 hour classes:
Introduction to Emergency Management
Response and Recovery
Exercise Design and Development
Preparedness and Planning
Liabilities in Emergency Management

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CDHS will help your organization to develop and implement all aspects of its approach to Emergency Management including:

  • Designing Response (SOPs)
  • Developing guides and manuals for each staff position
  • Creation of a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
  • Emergency Management Programs
  • Exercise Services
  • EOC/ICS Trainings
  • Threat Assessment Training
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response Trainings
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Disaster Recovery (Business Continuity/ Data Backup)

Industry-specific approaches allow you to be sure the right plan is in place for your needs. Whether you are operating in the Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, or Government our team has the expertise and experience to prepare your organization.

  • Identify the hazards and complete a risk analysis
  • Identify and provide prevention and mitigation opportunities to reduce your risk.
  • Implement the Incident Management System (IMS) / Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Develop comprehensive emergency preparedness and response plans / procedures
  • Train staff in risk reduction and emergency procedures
  • Develop business continuity and recovery plans to return to "normal" as soon as possible

If you would like a course or service not listed here or some of the other services CDHS offers please contact us or call us at (910) 672-2954. Register Now
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How to Request Direct Delivery Training or Services
If you would like one of the courses listed hosted at your organization or agency please contact us or call us at (910) 672-2954.

Direct Delivery Training vs Resident Training
The Center for Defense and Homeland Security offers trainings to public agencies, private organizations, military, educational institutions, public health organizations, hospitals, and non-governmental organizations.

These trainings can be direct delivery or resident trainings.

Direct Delivery Trainings means CDHS will bring to training to your organization or location of choice.

Resident Training means that the training is going to be hosted at Fayetteville State University or at one of CDHS training centers.